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Rental Pricing

If you have more than 5 players, see our Group Rates page for discounted pricing!

Rental Packs
(Includes gun, mask, air pass, pods/holder & barrel sock)
Rental Pack & 200 Paintballs (No Pods/holder)$29.00
Rental Pack & 500 Paintballs$39.00
Rental Pack & 1000 Paintballs$57.00
Rental Pack & 1500 Paintballs$75.00
Rental Pack & 2000 Paintballs$90.00
Additional paintballs may be purchased at bulk prices if desired.

All rental packages include pods, belt and holder.
No one wants to run out of ammo in a gunfight!

Rental Accessories
Marker & Hopper$10.00
3000 psi HPA tank (All Day)$12.00
Mask$ 3.00
Mask with Thermal Lens$ 6.00
Pods, holster & belt$ 3.00
Chest Protector$ 3.00
Barrel Sock$ 2.00